XTEP XT-380 Telescoping Ladder: A Ladder for Loft Dwellers

Xstep XT-380 telescoping ladder is not just for professional contractors; it’s also an extremely useful and versatile household ladder, especially for those who live in lofts or apartments with high ceilings and limited wall space.

Xstep XT-380
Lofts are airy, bright, have high ceilings, and few walls – a veritable portrait of urban minimalism! But since you areliving there and not just looking at it, there are things to be done around the house that require a tall ladder (hanging that trendy air plant under the skylight isn’t so easy just standing on a chair, after all).
The problem here is that you need a free-standing ladder, but one that stores away without taking up too much space. Your average 6-foot folding stepladder doesn’t really go with the minimalist experience, let alone fit into limited storage space very easily.
This is where the XSTEP XT-380 telescoping ladder comes in.
ladder xstep usa XT-380
Xstep XT-380 ( Export)
This ladder has some notable characteristics that make it a vital household tool:
  •   - Folding size: 3.05 x 1.6 x 0.3 ft
  •   - Hight between steps: 1 ft
  •   - Ladder Height Open: 12.5 ft
  •   - Diameter of the largest stile: 0.27 ft
  •   - Aluminum Alloy: 6063
  •   - Easy to store 
  •   - Lightweight – only 32 lbs / 29.1 lbs for adjustable height
The bottom line: Loft-dwellers rejoice! There is a ladder designed for you. It folds up into your tiniest closet, extends tall enough to change your highest light bulbs, and is lightweight enough to move around wherever you need it.
Find a dealer near you to get your hands on an Xstep XT-380 ladder for your own small space.
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