Fall is in the air and everyone around you is drinking pumpkin spice lattes. This can only mean one thing: it's time to make sure you get fall cleanup done before winter hits! Preparing your home for winter is one of the smartest things you can do this weekend, and having a telescoping ladder around to help with these jobs will make it a lot easier. 

xstep ladder XT-380
Having a lightweight ladder that is adjustable by the foot makes these tasks, both inside and outside the home, quick and easy. When you're done, simply fold the ladder up and stow it away in a closet.
– Touch up exterior paint or finish those paint jobs you started earlier this summer. Check your trim, railings, and decks. Extend your ladder to its full height to reach those high areas, checking for chipped paint, wear-and-tear, and other spots that could use touch-ups.
– Check your roof, and repair any shingles that need it. Try a professional-grade telescoping ladder to get up on the roof.
– Check caulk around the windows and doors to make sure they are sealed properly. Follow manufacturer's instructions for re-caulking if necessary. It's good to have an adjustable ladder for the taller doors and windows.
– Wash exterior windows. Nothing's worse than suffering through the winter with dirty windows, so get out that bucket while the sun is still shining.
– Check your gutters – clean 'em out! Ice dams in the winter can cause a lot of damage, and getting up on a telescoping ladder outdoors in the middle of winter to repair an ice dam is much less pleasant than getting on the ladder to clean your gutters in the crisp fall weather.
– Install weatherstripping on garage doors and outer doors. If you haven't done this already, this task is a lot easier with a telescoping ladder that is easy to move around.
– Put summer stuff away in the attic or up in the garage, out of the way. This is where the telescoping aspect of the telescoping ladder really comes in handy – depending on how often you get up into the attic, you may not keep a big ladder around just to get up there.
Finally, loan your telescoping ladder to a friend so they can take care of this list too – just don't forget to get it back in time to put up your Christmas lights!
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