Six best reasons to use a telescoping ladder

Telescoping ladders are a more versatile, portable, and convenient form of the traditional ladder. As opposed to a typical adjustable ladder or extension ladder, telescoping ladders use patented technology to extend and lock by the foot to a user’s desired height, making them extremely versatile. They are made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy and fold down small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. 

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There are a variety of types available depending on whether you need a ladder for home or professional use. If you need a reason to go out and add a telescoping ladder to your tool collection, look no further! There are a lot of reasons to do so, but here are six of the best:
1.  You can store a telescoping ladder anywhere in the house (not just the garage). Telescoping ladders fold down small to be ultra-compact. Some of the smaller home versions fold down to a mere 27 inches, so you can stow telescoping ladders in any small closet and avoid having bulky extension ladders taking up all the floor space in your shed or garage.
2.  Because telescoping ladders collapse so small, you can haul one in the smallest of vehicles. Even professional series telescoping ladders like the Xstep XT-380 fold down to   0.27 ft, which will easily fit into the trunk of a car. No truck required!
3.  Telescoping ladders can be adjusted to exactly the height needed for the job. Whether you’re trying to change a lightbulb, repaint a stairwell, or clean out the gutters, telescoping ladders extend and lock by the foot, so you can set it to the height that is best for the task at hand.
4.  They can be easily moved around the house or job site, due to their lightweight design. Depending on the model, telescoping ladders range from 16.5 pounds for home series models, up to 42 pounds for professional series models. Their light weight, combined with compact size, make them easy to move from job to job.
5.  Telescoping ladders can handle nearly every common task for a traditional ladder.Telescoping ladders are great for painting walls, cleaning gutters, and other household chores. Professional series ladders are durable and built to withstand the same level of heavy-duty action that a traditional extension or adjustable ladder endures.
6.  Last but not least, they are easy to use. Lightweight, portable, and versatile, telescoping ladders are a handy tool to keep around the house, the job site, or even in an RV or charter bus! 
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