Xstep XM-25: Our Most Popular XM Series Telescoping Ladder

We previously listed the reason why our XT-380 telescoping ladder is our most popular XT Series ladder. This week, we’re going to discuss our most popular XM Series model: the mighty Xstep XM-25 telescoping ladder.

xstep ladders XM25
Fully extended, the XM-25 is a sizable ladder with a platform height of 3,2 feet and a reach height of 16,4 feet. Even so, it’s lightweight, compact and transportable. Let’s look at the features and learn why this is a great ladder for a professional, or even a the DIY homeowner that performs the most rugged jobs. Let’s break it down and look at the highlights.
xstep ladders XM25
- Lightweight: The XM-25 weighs in at a svelte 45.2 lbs, which is remarkably light for a ladder with a 16,4 feet of reach. You can carry a tool box in one hand, and a ladder in the other, and walk up a flight of stairs.  None of this comes with a penalty: the XM-25: is still EN-131 Type I rated for 330pound.
- Compact: The durability and strength of the ladder also comes at no expense to it’s ability to be compact. The ladder Folding size:  3.3 x 1.6 x 0.6 ft.  Having a ladder this size has several advantages. It’s easy to store on or off the job site, or to take with you and avoid on-site storage completely.
- Transportable: Not only is it able to fit in the back of any pickup truck, it can ride up front in the drivers seat as well. Or loan it to a friend, and they can easily put it in the back of their car. Just make sure they give it back!
xstep ladders XM25
Clearly, the XM-25 is a great telescoping ladder for professionals or organizations that need the advantages of a lightweight, compact and transportable telescoping ladder.  It’s a perfect ladder for painters or construction contractors. It’s also widely used in warehouses, manufacturing plants and large-scale facilities such as hotel chains.
Check out our dealer locator for stores that carry the Xstep XM-25 near you.
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