Xstep Ladders and a 30-day trial

About a month ago, Mike Conley of Aura Construction, LLC agreed to take part in a 30-day trail with Xstep. We gave Conley two new telescoping ladders, the 780p and the 785p, and asked him to compare with his regular ladders. Once the 30 days were up, we sat down with Conley again to talk about his experience. This is what he had to say:
xstep ladder
- 30 Days of Projects
Over the past 30 days, Conley primarily worked on painting, siding, and framing houses, as well as window cleaning. We first asked him what he liked about working with the ladders.
“I liked how lightweight and portable they are,” said Conley. “If I send a guy to a job and he only has a car, we don't have to strap a ladder on the top of it – we can just put it in the trunk and he can do what he needs to do.”
And for the purposes of transparency, we also asked Conley what he didn't like about the ladders.
“It's not very versatile in the framing world. And on uneven ground, you really can't use it,” said Conley. “But that's about it. As long as you have a flat surface to set it on, you're good to go.”
Conley also noted that many contractors already have the space and set-up to compensate for big, bulky ladders, but the Xstep ladders are great for other types people, not just construction workers.
“As far as use goes, the Xstep ladders are great if you need to get on a roof, for cleaning windows, and for anyone who doesn't own a pickup truck,” said Conley. “The ladders can come in handy for basically anything outside of framing.”
In our first interview with him, Conley described the difficulty of transporting and storing his old ladders, stating they're very difficult in both areas. This time, we asked him the same questions about the Xstep ladders.
“The Xstep ladders are easy to transport, but nothing beats storing them,” said Conley. “They're very convenient and compact. You can fit them in-between materials at a job site, you can put them in the garage – and they only take up a couple inches coming out from the wall.”
Conley also commented on the weight of the ladders, comparing them to one of his old ladders.
“The 16-foot Xstep is comparable to the weight of the Little Giant ladder,” said Conley. “So, the heaviest Xstep ladder is very manageable.”
- A Contractors Recommendation
Finally, when questioned about who he would recommend the ladders to, Conley had several types of people in mind.
“I would recommend the ladders to homeowners, home inspectors, plumbers, and even my parents,” said Conley. “If you need to get up on a roof, clean windows, or put up a piece of siding, they're great and very convenient. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't already have a 16-foot straight ladder.”
- Closing Statements
Many thanks to Mike Conley for helping Xstep with this experiment! Whether you're a new homeowner, an experienced contractor, or just in need of a ladder, Xstep has what you're looking for. Visit us online to find the right Xstep for you!