Just How Are Rockclimbing Photos Taken?

How often do you find yourself staring in awe at an amazing photograph seemingly taken on a precarious rockface several hundred feet up in the air.

Thinking about it, a rock climber would never be far enough away from the rock surface to get a decent picture and then it would be the matter of taking your hands from the rock surface in order to obtain the shot.
So putting my fear of heights aside what could be used to obtain that all important photo? A stuntperson perhaps?
As you've probably now worked out, this would not be on the blog of Hakachi.com without a ladder being involved somewhere and there we have it – in order to achieve that awe inspiring shot requires the use of a stepladder which the climber stands on the top step in order to point the camera lens down the rockface to obtain the shot.
Is it worth risking your life for?
Well if you are the famed solo climber Alex Honnold, it will be all in a days work – and no doubt the scarier the prospect the better as it seems he does not even have any safety ropes!
This photo sparks a pure adrenalin fix as soon as you look at it as clearly anything could go wrong at any second…..
All we need to know is how high off the ground are they? Is this a spoof shot taken against a rock face background or are they really several hundred feet in the air?
Needless to say we don't need to remind you not to try this at home and our blog is solely designed for entertainment purposes only!
For maximum effect, try rotating the photo to obtain a different angle perspective – it is interesting!
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