How to spot the fake from the ladders

Just how do you spot a fake ladder? Like everything that is produced, a good idea will always be copied. Call it a replica, counterfeit or a fake or whatever you like, the fact is, by purchasing and using a fake ladder could well cost you dearly in other ways than simply monetary. Remember, health is wealth!
Xstep ladder
Imagine purchasing a fake ladder – seems just like one at twice the price, looks the same, has the same features and the price tag seems as cheap as chips but is it really the deal of the century or should you dig a little further and sleep on the idea before making that purchase?
Just recently in the news, the Danish Labour Inspectorate discovered that 8 out of 10 aluminium steps and ladders tested did not meet safety requirements. This was despite the ladders bearing the CE mark and the required EN131 certification which guarantees minimum safety standards.
Falling from height accounts for the biggest number of fatalities in the workplace and according to the Ladder Association, 38 workers died in 2010/11 as a result of falling from height and a further 4327 were injured resulting in suffering an 'over 3 day' injury.
Many sub standard ladders are found to have a deficiency in weight rating. The weight rating of ladders in the UK is150kg (23.5 stone) in weight. This means that all ladders must be capable of holding a weight of 150kg. Inferior ladders are simply bending resulting in serious injury to the user, even though the ladders displayed the required weight rating.
A ladder which is fit for purpose will last for many years.
It is worth considering that the EN131 certification and weight ratings are minimum standards that have to be met to offer a ladder for sale in the UK. It is little wonder that simply meeting these standards results in ladders becoming damaged, broken and bent in a short space of time.
At Hakachi  we have always prided ourselves in offering the very best ladders and scaffold towers available on the market today. We don't just settle for the minimum safety standards, our safety standards far excel any ladders commonly available in shops today.
Our safety platforms are extra thick (1.3mm) and our unique strong steel retaining cross brace is added for extra safety to ensure your ladder is always set to the correct angle when in use as a free standing or step ladder avoiding injury.
We consider the safety of our customers our top priority, this is why we always advise you to compare what you are getting with other ladders before you make your purchase. There are countless inferior ladders being sold on the high street and safety is always compromised by weaker materials.
Don't be fooled by cheaper inferior ladders that promise everything!