Just How Are Rockclimbing Photos Taken?

How often do you find yourself staring in awe at an amazing photograph seemingly taken on a precarious rockface several hundred feet up in the air.

How to spot the fake from the ladders

Just how do you spot a fake ladder? Like everything that is produced, a good idea will always be copied. Call it a replica, counterfeit or a fake or whatever you like, the fact is, by purchasing and using a fake ladder could well cost you dearly in other ways than simply monetary. Remember, health is wealth!

Aluminium Ladders: The Many Benefits of This Remarkable Metal

Have you ever struggled with a heavy timber ladder? If so, then you know that deploying a large one, such as a two or three section extension model can be very difficult for one person to handle. This difficulty can make even a simple DIY task hard to accomplish efficiently. So, what’s a person to do? Well, many people have discovered that switching to lightweight and durable aluminium ladders is a good solution. However, there are a few points to be aware of when considering an aluminium ladder. This post will cover the main benefits of ladders made from this versatile and strong metal.

How to choose ladder

Know the Difference
Some workers might not realize the differences from one ladder to the next. Having the right ladder for the job is the safest way to complete any task. Using the wrong ladder is extremely dangerous as it often leads to ladder misuse or abuse and can result in serious injury or even death. To get an idea of some of the different ways that ladders are used, just think about all of the tasks you and the other professionals do. Most of them require the use of ladders of different styles, sizes, duty ratings, and materials.
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